Biz Insider’s 23 Thought Provoking Tech Execs Article

Recently Business Insider published an article on 23 Tech Execs they think folks ought to follow on Twitter. I had a few thoughts after reading the article (when don’t I?).

The first one was “how cool that they used Allison (@snipeyhead) for the cover photo!” Seriously, anyone who describes themself as a chaotic neutral blacksmith certainly deserves to be followed on twitter. And, besides, Allison and her mohawk are way more interesting than all the big company exec types they featured. And good grief, there were a lot of them. Did Microsoft go on an ad buying spree in BI this month?

It was good, though, to see Chris Hoff (@beaker) and Rafal Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit) on the list. Each is thought provoking, in his own way. All three of these folks ought to be followed …. they are interesting and make Twitter a better place.

In fact, there’s tons of great folks on Twitter. Most of them aren’t featured in this article. The thing about Twitter is that it’s like being at the world’s largest cocktail party, hosted in your own living room. Check it out and see what I mean.

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