Life Updates

Okay, so things have been going on in my life that you may or may not be interested in. But I figured I’d share them anyhow and you could read or not read as you see fit.

Dental stuff. Yeah, I have had to have a bunch of dental work done. Deep cleaning of the gums and roots of my teeth. Fillings on molars on both top and bottom, right and left sides. And old silver fillings from the Army days got replaced with white resin fillings. That is all done as of today, 4 visits and about $800 (plus insurance coverage) later. Guess that will teach me to see the dentist more often.

Our dryer has been slowly dying over the past couple months. Today it officially died. Done. Kaput. Hit the start switch and you get absolutely nothing but the dryer sitting there and looking at you and smirking because you have a load of wet laundry that now can’t be dried. Looks like we will be buying a new dryer this weekend. I hate spending money on stuff like that.

The kids are getting close to the end of the school year, so things get hectic and crazy around the home front. And just to make that even better, I am going to back to back conferences the next two weeks. Next week I will be speaking at IDG’s CITE Conference. And the week following I will be attending the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. So glad I could complicate the family’s life … not. It’s tough to balance the demands of this job with a wife you love and kids who need you at home.

Yeah, life’s been a bit whacky. But hey, if it wasn’t I’d be bored, right?

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