A New Adventure

As most people in my personal and professional networks know, I am leaving Providence Health & Services for a new job. But, unless I’ve talked directly with you about it, it’s likely that you don’t know WHERE that new job is. Today all the waiting is over. Before this, all of the executive leadership of Providence had to be informed and all the employees of my new company needed to know what was happening.

Effective September 30, 2013 I will be the Vice President, Advanced Security & Strategy for CORE Security in Boston. In that role, I will be responsible for providing tactical and strategic leadership for product capabilities, market positioning, strategy and product placement. CORE provides two great products in the security market. Impact Pro, the market leading penetration testing tool, and CORE Insight, an innovative and market leading tool for advanced vulnerability management and predictive security analysis.

Most people in the information security field who know me also know that I am firmly convinced that the bad guys are currently winning the war we are engaged in. I have been doing what I can to improve that situation. This move is, in many ways, because I want to do even more to change the situation. One key area where we can do that is by providing security professionals with tools that allow them to reduce the attack surface they have to worry about. Right now, organizations have to defend everything. CORE Security can help with how to defend what is critical in ways that are meaningful. Frederick the Great said, “he who defends everything defends nothing” … and that applies now in information security as much as it did in the 1700’s during Frederick’s military campaigns.

That’s my spiel on why I joined CORE … and if you are interested, here’s an interview with me by CSO Magazine on the move and here’s a press release from CORE on the topic.

*update* 10/2/2013 – Welcome Instapundit readers! This isn’t really a political blog, it’s about my life and times and experiences in and around information security. But look around, enjoy, comment.

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