Building CISO Relevance: Written For BitSight

BitSight is a very interesting security startup that is trying to do something we all have wanted for a long time. Their goal is to find ways to actually quantify risk in a measurable, objective way. If they achieve anything close to that goal, it’s a big deal. I went to work for CORE Security because they are in that same space: using data to provide objective insight into the risk an organization faces.

I was happy to post as a guest on BitSight’s blog because of that. I chose to hit on my favorite topic, being relevant to your business. I think it’s a pretty good read and you should check it out.

I’ve got no interest in BitSight other than wanting to see a good security idea succeed.

Here’s what I think is the key bit of the whole thing.

… security leaders are not outsiders. You don’t need to gain a seat at the table or learn the business or align with the business. You’re already a part of the business—that’s why they hired you. You just need to be relevant to your business.

Go read the whole thing.

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