A Week in Vegas

Yep, here I am in Las Vegas. Sitting in my hotel room knocking out a quick post on the blog before heading down to check in for BlackHat and find people and dinner. I plan to write something every day, although we will see how that goes.

Also note that some cool stuff is going to be announced by Core Security and I will definitely link to the company blog when the announcements are made. Some of it is my work, so I might have to point that out, too. 😉

As you may have noticed, over the past couple of months I’ve been talking a lot about what makes a good security program and about security needing to solve some basic problems. Definitely more to come on that, too. Keep your eyes open.

Meanwhile, thunderstorms and flash floods here in Las Vegas. Not too much to worry about where I’m at, though.

I expect there will be cigar pictures, booth babe shots, stuff from a demo I’m doing, and lots more.

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