Just A Few Things Left

That’s right, not too much more left here at BlackHat. A couple of meetings with customers, a couple of analysts. And of course, Core’s party at the RX Boiler Room. Which is supposed to be pretty epic.

Then I’m gonna get some sleep, get on a plane tomorrow and head home now that Security Summer Camp is over with.

So far have seen many good friends, like RSnake, Bill Brenner, Alex Hutton, Katie Moussouris, Wendy Nather, Mortman, McKeay, Adam Shostack, Richard Stiennon, Mark Weatherford, Mike Yaffe, MattJay, Michael Farnum, Cindy Valladares, ThatDwayne … hmmmmm, not sure I can catalog everybody. Sorry for those I missed. It’s been great to see you, chat with you, get caught up and generally enjoy summer camp.

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