The Threat & Vulnerability Management Maturity Model Arrives

If you follow my blog, you know the Threat & Vulnerability Management Maturity Model has been in the works for a while now. I’m happy to report the full model has finally been published in Core Security’s latest white paper.

What’s the value?

By moving through this model, organizations will simultaneously 1) reduce risk exposure and the likelihood of a breach 2) gain ongoing visibility into true business risk, improving future decision-making 3) align IT, information security, and the rest of the organization in the direction of strategic business goals and 4) significantly increase operational efficiency. It’s not merely an ideal model from a security perspective; it’s a no-brainer for the business.

So take a look. What do you think? Can you easily identify where your organization stands on the model, and steps for advancing to the next level? Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!

PS This is free to the security community and completely focused on how security programs improve their ability to reduce the risk of breach. It is not a product, nor are we selling it.

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