Information Security and Tanks

Not too long ago my good friend, Michael Farnum, invited me to be the closing speaker at HouSecCon. I told him I would love to … then he asked me to give a talk that involved my military experience and how it prepared me for the world of Information Security. Two things that are very important in my life, but not necessarily ones I had connected very strongly. After I spent a bunch of time looking at old pictures and revisiting stories of my years in the Army, I realized that the Army had actually prepared me quite well for a career in Information Security. And I knew just the pictures and stories to share with my audience.

One of the things that was going to be key was to share my experiences on tanks and to show pictures of tanks. And, because of the awesome contributions of Adrian Crenshaw, I am able to share not just the slides and pictures of tanks, but the entire presentation with you.

Everything I Know About Information Security, I Learned Shooting Tank Guns!

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